OneWheel technical info

A deep dive into OneWheel internals

What to expect

I was not able to find much of detailed info about OneWheel internals. My aim is to make this site a “go-to” resource for anyone trying to understand and/or fix their OneWheel by aggregating bits of details I was able to scour the internet for or research myself. (See Credits.)



This is in no way a tutorial to do anything. I’m not responsible for any damage you cause by using this info. Even though I do my best to verify and double-check I’m not guaranteeing the correctness of the information aggregated in this repo.

OneWheel is a registered trademark of Future Motion, Inc.

I’m not affiliated with Future Motion. I just love the product they make. :)

Right to Repair

I’m a fan of open source and open hardware. The Right to Repair is very relevant in this context.