I started working with computers around the year 2000 and got into developing websites in 2004. I discovered Drupal during the 4.7 / 5.4 era (2007) and stayed with it ever since.

By working with various clients I gained lots of experience in site building, theming and even some Linux sysadmin skills. Since then I worked on some big sites as a backend developer and slowly shifted towards DevOps and CI/CD.

I’m best known as one of the leading members of the Czech Drupal community. I’m passionate about using best practices and like to discover new elegant solutions.

I’m an Open Source enthusiast. This led me through some interesting side quests.

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Bachelor's degree in Computer Science

Czech Technical University in Prague

Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, Engineering in Informatics

High school leaving examination in the Czech Republic

Secondary Technical School AGC a.s.

Information technology - application of personal computers


Drupal Backend developer & DevOps

2014 - Present
Morpht Pty. Ltd.

I had a number of roles at Morpht over the years. I started as a Drupal developer and site builder. Did my fair share of theme coding and form altering. Moved over to do more development. Currently, I manage and coordinate security updates across all projects at Morpht. I’m also making sure all of our builds and tests are running smoothly and all developers are set up for success with their local environments using Lando. Automating as much as possible from a developer setting up a local copy to production deployment.

Drupal developer

2011 - 2014
PLAYzone s. r. o.

Learned a lot by working with a great team, receiving code reviews, having a chance to architect solutions and watching projects grow.

Drupal site builder

2006 - 2011

I was lucky to gain trust and awesome references from many clients. This was a steep learning curve while juggling meetings with clients, working on sites and managing a small team of my schoolmates who helped me with design and site-building. I also started managing my first Aegir server to host all client sites.

Skills & Proficiency

Drupal ecosystem

Drupal backend

Drupal frontend

Git, workflows, automation

Linux, CLI, Bash

Sketch & Photoshop

Czech Drupal Association

Czech Drupal Association

Czech Drupal Association is a non-profit aiming to promote Drupal in the Czech Republic and support the existing community mainly by providing free training, organizing community meetups and bigger events like drupal camps.

I'm a founding member and a Chairman of the Czech Drupal Association. Trying to spark the local community again. We organize all local events together with the much-needed help of my friends Miro, Martin and Petr. I was also one of the main organizers of Drupal Iron Camp, Drupal CS camp and I volunteered at a number of DrupalCons.

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Reverse engineering OneWheels

OneWheel XR is a super cool personal electric vehicle, but the manufacturer support is weak.

The manufacturer is actively obfuscating and locking down the internals to prevent aftermarket upgrades and refusing to sell replacement parts. I like the product and these limitations got in a way. I was able to accumulate a lot of technical details about the product. My biggest achievement is reading and decompiling the BMS firmware. I was not the first to do it, but I figured it out myself and documented the process.

I'm also one of the few people able to repair OneWheels in Europe.

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